Come On Spring!


Spring the season
of renewal. Not only do we start to
see the buds bloom into lovely flowers,
but we see ourselves start to bloom as
well. It’s like a form of rebirth, as we start
over and become a new version of ourselves.
Letting go of the past and starting fresh, as
we start to clear out our closets getting
rid of the old and bringing
in the new. As we start to
clean everything in sight, to
bring that sense of newness
to our space. Hanging new window
treatments, buying big colorful throw pillows,
fresh linen, towels, and soaps for the bath. A
complete makeover. Women are in line at the
salons waiting their turn to get their nails and toes
 painted. Guys getting splashed with Florida water by
their favorite barber after a close cut shave. Ah! Spring!
what better way to start fresh, with a sense of renewal?
Spring is such a blissful time of year, full of all things of life
form coming to life, making us aware of the world’s beauty.

Enjoy It!

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