Monday’s Mindset – (Thinking)


People who exercise their minds all the time will certainly find it less strenuous than those who prefer living without thought. How many times have we watched the news and heard a story and believed everything that was reported without questioning any of it, only to learn later that it was reported incorrectly?  Without thinking or questioning things we have made it easy for certain media outlets to also provide us with what is called “FAKE NEWS.” Many of us growing up have been told by our parents “Don’t believe everything you hear.”  Yet, we continue to believe things we read and hear without questioning any of it to see not only if it is true or not, but to have an understanding of what was really meant.

What about those of us that commit crimes without questioning ourselves or thinking of the consequences? Or those of us who go to work every day wondering what’s the point of what we do, while never questioning why we do what we do, or how what we do connects with other’s jobs within the company to create the end goal?  It’s like reading a book or an article and not fully understanding what we’ve read because before going on to the next book or article we never stopped to question what we’ve first read.

I know there are those times when someone may tell you “Don’t put too much thought into it.” Or “You think too much.” Yet, we must never fail to stretch our minds. Without questioning, we do not progress. Without debate, we do not grow. Start thinking!


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