Memorial Day

thinking about you

The other day at work they held a Memorial dedication for all the fallen soldiers. It was a very inspiring and heartfelt event. One of the employees a woman whose name I don’t recall gave a wonderful proud heartwarming and emotional speech about her son who died defending our country (America) back in 2014.  As tears rolled down my cheeks, I couldn’t help but feel her pain. I have sons and no they did not fight in any wars or enlist into any of the various armed services, but I can imagine what she must have felt when she got that notification that the son she carried in her womb and cared for from childhood will never walk through the doors of their home ever again. We don’t have to endure the same exact same tragedy another has endured in order to understand and feel what they are going through. Although neither of my sons have ever gone to war, they like all of us face the unknown every time we step outside our doors. We all are in hope that we make it home safely to our loved ones just as our loved ones hope to see us at the end of each day. So, on this Memorial Day, before we enjoy all of the festivities of the long weekend, take time out to say a little prayer of remembrance not just for those who have died defending our country in the battle of combat, but for all our family and friends who are no longer with us, as well as those individuals who have lost their lives in the battle of just trying to do their jobs and live their lives.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Memorial Day!



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