Summer Activities To Do With Kids


Summer is here and for those children that are not going off to camp or being sent off to a long distant relative for the summer you will hear the words “I’m bored”.  So why not create a bucket list of things to do this summer to prevent the little darlings from being bored.  This not only gives you a chance as a family to spend time together having fun, but the words “I’m bored” won’t be heard for the rest of summer break.  Below is a list of summer activities you can do together as a family.

  1. Have a sleep over
  2. Outdoor Movie Night
  3. Rent a camp ground and camp under the stars and build a camp fire
  4. Attend a baseball game
  5. Build a sandcastle while at the beach
  6. Grab a telescope and watch for shooting stars
  7. Watch a firework exhibit
  8. Visit a water park
  9. Build a fort out of card board
  10. Take a boat ride
  11. Hold a three-legged race
  12. Watch a parade
  13. Organize a neighborhood soccer game
  14. Go berry picking
  15. Have a fun water balloon fight
  16. Play in the sprinklers
  17. Go to the zoo
  18. Go hiking
  19. Take a family bike ride
  20. Fly a kite
  21. Plant a garden
  22. Go Fishing
  23. Build a bird house or be aggressive and build a tree house
  24. Play miniature golf
  25. Visit an aquarium
  26. Did someone say Road trip
  27. Build a back yard slip and slide
  28. Go to a park and feed the ducks
  29. Visit a National Park
  30. Play hopscotch
  31. Go bowling
  32. Visit a Farmers Market
  33. Visit a museum
  34. Play Frisbee
  35. Go swimming
  36. Have a picnic in the park
  37. Go for a walk along the board walk
  38. Invite their friends over and cook on the grill





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