I Can Take It! I Can Make It!


On your quest to do better, you will come against obstacles. The obstacles in your path are there to make you stronger.  Trying to rebuild your life is hard work, and you will need muscles. Obstacles build muscles-big strong muscles which you can flex.

On the path to empowering yourself you are going to be challenged. Challenges make you quick on your feet. They teach you how to bob and weave. As you move into your power you’re going to make people nervous. They are going to challenge any ideas you have, the way you approach things and the new you that is emerging. Challenges make you think and rethink what you are doing. Thinking strengthens the mind. The strong mind of a powerful person has nothing to fear when challenged. A strong mind can come up with an answer for the people who challenge it – ‘CHECK YOURSELF!’ would be a good place to start.

On your journey to do better personally or on the job people are going to throw stones at you. Don’t worry about it; you are strong, you can bob and weave, and get out of the way. Yes, the stones they throw may be very big, and they may come from the most unlikely places, at the most untimely moments. But, don’t you stop climbing! Don’t you dare look back! Stay focused!

I recently had someone out of nowhere try to challenge me by throwing stones my way. The people that are throwing stones will be so intent on hitting you they may forget that what goes up must come down and the stones they are throwing up at you are going to come back down and hit them on the head. Just remember, You CAN take it and you WILL make It!



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