Monday’s Mindset

Speak Encouraging Words To Yourself

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Liz Stellar is recent divorced mother of five well-mannered children ranging from the ages of fourteen to four. She works as a manager for a lumber company, which she has worked for the past eighteen years. She drives a midsize SUV and lives in a nice suburban neighbor. Yet, whenever someone asks Liz how she is doing she is quick to say “I’m just trying to make it!” Many of us approach life like Liz from a perspective of lack. We try to move forward on the basis of what we cannot do; truly believing we can build upon this type of foundation. No matter how hard we try, there is always something we cannot do because we believe we do not have what we need to build. We think the problem is the conditions in which we live, the situations in which we find ourselves, or the people involved in the situation or circumstances. We haven’t got a clue the words we speak define our problems and re-create our reality! Haven’t you heard there is power in the tongue?

Let today be the day you start and take some time to listen to what you say over the course of a week. When you hear yourself saying, “I’m struggling to get by!” “It’s so hard out here!” remind yourself that words become your conditions. Situations may be dark or gloomy, but you can always speak about the good you find in them. Conditions in your life might be challenging and difficult, but you have the ability to speak encouraging words to yourself. People may treat you unfairly, unjustly, or in the most unloving ways, but you reserve the right to counteract people with words. You ’re doing just fine! You keep getting better day by day! This is not as bad as it seems! You got this! I know you can! These are just a few of the valuable things you can tell yourself to move beyond the confines of any lack.

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