You Are The Conductor Of Your Life


To have confidence in yourself you must think of your life as your train. You are the conductor and a passenger. How your train moves and where it ends up is totally up to you. Your talents and abilities, dreams and goals are your tickets. Now don’t get excited just because you have a ticket. If you do not use it, you won’t go anywhere.

Opportunities are stations along the way. If you are not at the station on time, you will be left standing at the station with all the other people who merely have tickets. The train will not wait for you. You cannot hold the train for people who are late. You cannot stop the train at every station to make sure everybody who wants to ride is on the train. Keep your train well fueled, keep it clean, and be on the lookout for nicks and cracks in the tracks. Above all else, be sure you don’t run over people. Move out at a steady pace, slow but sure. If you are an aware and alert conductor, your train will never take a wrong turn.

So start building up your confidence because your train is taking off.

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