Aiming to be “the best” sounds like such an honorable goal, doesn’t it? But being the best requires great sacrifice, necessitating that we enslave other aspects of ourselves in order to focus on our high-reaching goal. If we aren’t careful trying to become the best writer, technician, project lead, salesman, or executive can mean years of our personal relationships and other areas of interest and concern to be placed to a relegated status in our lives. Can we really afford to wait till we’ve reached our “best” before we carry out our other wants and needs?  What good is being the best if it causes you to neglect those things that should truly matter in life, such as your family, your health and most importantly your peace-of-mind?

Maybe we need to do some rethinking on what it means to be the best. Doing our best may not win the kind of recognition and superstardom that being the best seems to honor, but it means we have at least recognized our quality of being and sought to balance all our life goals. Just that alone is a defeat within itself.

Take a few moments each day to write down and appreciate the good things about yourself.  

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