A Spiritual Feast


Picture this; you’re sitting at a beautiful banquet table, covered with all of your favorite foods. Imagine the sight! The smell! Here you are anticipating the pleasure of sinking your teeth into all of your favorite foods, which have been prepared to perfection. Now imagine as you finish one delight, a well-mannered, neatly dressed server brings you the next. This continues until you are filled to capacity and thrilled to ecstasy. Then you push yourself from the table totally satisfied and grateful. Are you aware that your spirit needs to be fed? I bet your spirit would be delighted to partake in a feast of spiritual food. How about a plate full of prayer, or a few hours of succulent self-reflection? Maybe a scroll of piping-hot spiritual literature, served under a luscious green tree would satisfy your spiritual hunger.  Can you imagine also being able to feast for a few hours on spiritually uplifting music? What about a little bit of forgiven à la mode, topped with compassion? You just can’t imagine how much your spirit would enjoy it.

Can you believe there are many eager angels, guardians and guides just waiting to serve you?  They have already set the table and begun to prepare everything you need to satisfy your spirit. Need some help? Then look under the appetizers. Want some more understanding? Just check the daily specials. If wisdom or scrumptious security would fill you up, then try the Chef’s Specials. It’s all there on life’s spiritual menu. All you have to do is simply raise your head, your heart or your hand and ask. Just like the body the spirit must be fed. Your spirit not only requires a well-balanced diet, it must be fed on a regular schedule.

Maybe you’ve believed your spirit could survive on small bits of information. Why not try preparing a spiritual banquet for yourself? Just take a moment to identify all the things that would full-fill your spirit, and then ask the angels to serve it up.



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