Please, Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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I wrote a post a while back regarding comparing yourself to others. And since February is the month of love I am only saying this once again in the name of LOVE. Please, stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself. As I went onto the internet to research something, the following popped up in my feed “Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak’s Lip Explodes – Can barely TALK!” I must admit, I almost choked on my coffee and then shook my head in unbelief. Not that I couldn’t believe her lips exploded, but that she continued to get her lips injected so much so that they would explode.  This woman has teen daughters who I am sure are following in her footsteps and are most likely also getting plastic surgery.

 I am not knocking anyone who wants to enhance their looks or body parts to make themselves feel better about themselves, but at what cost and how far is too far? There are other more healthy ways to enhance your face and body; like lip plumping lip gloss, push-up bras, exercise, and proper diet. You have women getting breast implants, butt implants, lip injections and so many other types of injections done to their bodies. Some going to other countries for a cheaper rate not knowing what is being injected into their bodies, all in the name of looking like someone else or to feel good about themselves, until they end up looking nothing like themselves or something like this happens.  And it is not just women doing this. Men are having ribs removed to get a six pack or to make their bodies look tighter and more in shape, as well as plastic surgery to look younger.   

What you see in the magazines and videos is not what those people actually look like. They are mostly airbrushed. Heck, there are even infomercials selling airbrushed makeup to make you think you are getting that same look like those women you admire in those magazines, videos, and movies. I do not understand who would want to be chopped up and sewed back together just to fit someone else’s ideal of beauty. Please, stop comparing yourself to these make-believe images being presented in the media and throughout the internet.

 Instead, focuses on being the best that you can be with the attributes you were given. Take good care of yourself and you will look just as beautiful as you feel. Think young and you will be young. It is all in your mindset. When you think of yourself as old then, of course, you will start to look old, dress old and act old. Stop being so serious and focused on your age and let loose and just enjoy your life and what is left of it.

As women our bodies go through a lot as we get older, we change with menopause and not to mention those of us that have had children. Yet, our bodies were designed to withstand all the things we go through. So why not embrace your new curves, your new little pouch, those little lines around your eyes and mouth. All it is showing the world is that you have lived life, gave life and you survived it all, which only makes you not only stronger and wiser but much more beautiful than you can ever imagine.



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