Free Yourself From Worry


Why worry? If we have learned anything by now it is that worry serves no purpose. Yet you do it anyway. Why? You run around frazzled. You make yourself sick. You have all but pulled your hair out, and for what? If worrying could have made things better, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I know it is easier said than done to tell you not to worry, especially when we worry about our children, our parents and just about life in general. Most things we worry about are things we have no control over, so why put yourself through the suffering and pain of worrying. Believe me worrying does you no good. Worrying can cause major illnesses and some even fatal. So what to do instead of worrying, trust. Trust that all the things you have been worrying about will work themselves out. Don’t allow worry to hold you hostage. Free yourself from the bondage of worry and grab hold of the power of trusting you have nothing to worry about.

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