6 Ways To Declutter Your Mind


Spring has finally arrived and it is time to do some spring cleaning by decluttering our lives. First, we must start by decluttering our minds so that we can be more productive and function properly from day to day. Here are 6 ways that can help in decluttering your mind.

  • Meditation – having quiet alone time is very important for our mindset. It feels great to just sit still and relax your body and mind by thinking of only positive vibes. You can meditate however you like. Whether it’s sitting in a quiet area of your home reading your bible, or just sitting in your quiet space alone and peaceful. Pushing all your problems or worries away and just sit quietly listening to nothing but your breathing rhythm. There are also apps you can use such as “HEADSPACE”, which has a large variety of auto tapes that you can listen to that helps you to relax and declutter your mind from all the negative or busy thoughts and focus on the present. The here and now.
  • Hot Tea – I like to start my day with a good cup of coffee, but drinking a nice hot cup of tea is always relaxing. With all the various flavors and aromas to choose from it would not be hard to find something you can like to just sit back and enjoy the moment with.
  • Move Your Body – Most of us hate to exercise and feel it to be such a chore, but if you really think about it when you take time to exercise you feel so much better and your body feels energized. Exercise also helps to deter you from thinking about all the things you need to accomplish, any stress or anxiety you may be caring around because you would be too busy focusing on the exercise goal you are trying to reach. Exercise truly does the body good.
  • Resting – Sleep is not only important for your total well-being, but you are not thinking while you’re sleeping, therefore it causes your relaxation. Naps are also great to take as well, just to be able to rest your brain and get into your unconscious state. Sleep is very much needed for our all-around health.
  • Organize and Clean Your Space – I don’t know about you, but when I am not in an organized or clean space I cannot focus on whatever task I am trying to accomplish because I am too busy thinking about I need to clean up the mess around me. When you have a clean and organized space it makes life easier to deal with. Not only is your space clean and clutter free, but your mind is clutter free as well.
  • Keep a Journal – Journaling is great! When you are able to get all your thoughts out of your head and onto paper it helps to clear your mind. It is also great to go back and read what you may have written in your journal to see what progress you have made and how you went about to resolve the issues and if the issues were worth thinking about in the first place. Journaling is not just relaxing, but it can also be very eye-opening as well.


Photo by – Joshua Coleman/Unsplash.com

(One of the great puzzles of life is where to find love and honestly, it is all around us. When you take time to discover yourself and all of your unimaginable capabilities, you figure out how to share it with the world around you.)

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