The Spiritual Diet

Are you feeling full? Maybe what you need is a spiritual diet! A spiritual diet will cut down on the excess weight you carry around in your soul. That weight of people who have disappointed you or hurt you. The weight of things you should have done, could have done, or wanted to do, but couldn’t bring yourself to do. As a matter of fact, that weight around your middle could be those people you’ve been hanging around or allowing to hang onto you. The heaviness in your legs could be all those things you convinced yourself you were not smart enough, good enough, or ready enough to do. That sluggish, heavy feeling you have in your heart might be your dreams, goals, and fantasies. You haven’t put them to use, so they’ve turned to weight, spiritual weight which has your whole life weighed down.

Yes! I believe a spiritual diet is exactly what you need! You can start right now with a heaping portion of forgiveness smothered in surrender. You will also need a big helping of laughter three to four times a day. Next, you must begin each day with prayer, followed by a dose of gratitude. For the next six to eight weeks, sprinkle everything with faith, wash it down with courage, and let your dessert be a swig of confidence. If you follow these directions with all your heart, you will experience a miraculous weight loss.

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