The Mask Before The Pandemic

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

– Dita Von Teesa

Wearing a mask these days has been really trying for most of us. Yet, many of you have been wearing a mask way before the pandemic. However, that mask you’ve been wearing for so long needs to be removed if you want to be free to be who you truly are (your authentic self). The problem with the mask you have been wearing all these years, is that when people meet you, they aren’t sure if they are meeting you or a representative of you. You may not even know who they are meeting because you have been wearing that same mask for so long. Maybe you are afraid to let others see who you really are due to you’re afraid of not being accepted. You must start to appreciate yourself for who you truly are…flaws and all.

None of us are perfect and that’s what makes us all so unique and beautiful, our differences, even those weird quirks we may have. Are you ever going to feel comfortable enough to remove the mask? Why not start to peel it off little by little. Start by believing you are enough. Then believe you are worthy of all the things you desire. You must learn how to treat yourself with tender loving care; that same tender loving care you crave others to provide you with, you must do for yourself. The old saying “You can’t love another until you learn to love yourself” is very much true. And the reason that saying is true, is if you don’t think much of yourself, then how do expect others to think much of you? Stop trying to be like others, stop always agreeing with and listening to the untrue things others say about you just to fit in. Because when you do that people can see how badly you want to fit in, which allows them to take advantage of you.

I guess in some way we all want to “Fit in” or want to be liked by others, but at what cost? When you constantly feel the need to always try and impress others, or only befriend those who you think are impressive and can get you all the things like status and material things you crave. But what does that really say about you and those you choose to hang around? It says you are superficial and weak. It says you don’t use your own judgment when it comes to yourself or your life. It says you have no depth you are just a puppet allowing others to pull your strings as you twirl along. Your life could be much more fulfilling if you just be true to who you really are and allow others to appreciate the real you. Trust me those people you are trying to impress so you can fit in, they too have things they don’t like about themselves. They are just not letting you in on their insecurities, which makes it so easy for them to take the focus off their own issues with themselves and take you on as their new little project. If you don’t believe what I am saying just look at how intrigued folks are with Instagram and Facebook. Folks admiring everyone else’s life when in reality you are only seeing what they want you to see and believe. I am sure you don’t see anyone flaunting how bad they feel about themselves.

You have to start believing in yourself more. The great thing about 2020 is it gave us all time to reflect on ourselves. You know, do a little self-introspection. It also was a great awakening, which forced the truth regarding so many people and things. I hope it awakened you in some way as well, where you are no longer walking around with rose colored glasses on pretending, not to see what is really going on around or inside you. It really pains me to watch beautiful souls not allowing themselves to be who they truly are just to fit in or worrying about what others think. Just like not everyone may not be your cup of tea, everyone will not like you either and that is okay. Learn to like and love who you are. Learn to think better of yourself. You are worthy of all you desire, but you have to believe it. Once you start focusing on yourself and not be concerned with what others think about you, it will become easier for you to remove that mask you’ve been wearing all these years before the pandemic and allow your true authentic self to appear.

If you can take away anything from this post, remember this: You are special, You are worthy, You are lovable and You have a lot to offer and to contribute to this world and those in it. BELIEVE THAT!

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