Let Us Pray…

No one knows anyone’s life story until they share it.

Sometimes people will have their own preconceived notions about you, what you believe in, and what you do, before you ever get the chance to show them, and because of this, nothing that you can do or say will prove to them otherwise. This is a hard lesson to learn through life, because some of us desire to go through life in the hopes of being able to help as many people as we possibly can by showing them light.

You must stop trying with people that you know in your heart will never receive it. Some people just put up a brick wall, and desire to see nothing but the light in you fade away, because they have trouble getting people to see the light in them. So, don’t get down on yourself when others refuse to receive what you have to say, or refuse to accept what you believe. Continue to push on through life giving words of hope to those who are worth the words, those who will receive them.

Last week the raspy-voiced hip-hop artist and member of the “Ruff Ryders” entertainment family, DMX passed away. DMX is well known for producing the legendary “Ruff Ryders Anthem’ as well as the “Party Up (Up in Here)” song.

DMX will always be one of my favorite rappers. I liked how authentic he was, his rawness, and his willingness to always tap into his higher self. Mostly I admired his prayers. On just about each album produced there was a prayer recorded.

I know at times when I pray, I get this feeling that I may not be praying correctly or that I have to pray a certain way to be heard. Yet, the more I listened to DMX’s prayers I realized that prayers are just deep, real and uncut conversations with God. No fluffy stuff, or trying to be impressive, just how you are feeling and what you want help with. And for that I am so glad I have his music among my collection to keep what I believe is a beautiful soul alive. Below is one of his many heartfelt prayers. (DISCLOSURE): In no way am I trying to sway anyone into my beliefs. You have the right to believe in whatever form of spirituality you believe in, as do I.

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