Tearing Down Walls

“Only the walls you build yourself confines you”

So many of us are confined in life by the walls that we build up in our own minds, and in our own convictions led by what society accepts and disapproves of.

One of my favorite movies is “Pursuit of Happyness”, and yes, the spelling of happiness is misspelled on purpose (to know why, watch the movie). Granted this is an older movie, but it overflows with great substance that is relatable whenever it is watched. Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, played by actor Will Smith. Chris was a married man with a young son, who wife couldn’t handle how unstable their lives were becoming, so she left him and their son. Chris and his son became homeless, but with his persistence and determination he made it over those walls of obstacles, and became a very successful millionaire, entrepreneur and an inspirational figure for people across the world.

Because of all this man had to endure, and yet continued to push through causes tears to form in my eyes whenever I even think of this movie. Of all the movies Will Smith has done, why this movie wasn’t nominated for an award puzzles me.

If people with everything stacked against them can still make their dreams come true, then why can’t you? Tear down the walls, and quit confining yourself to such a limited mindset when it comes to your life. The world is yours, go and get your dreams!

One of the best inspirational movies in a very long time (see movie trailer below).

trailer from: Youtube, #keepyourheadup, #Will Smith, #Jaden Smith, #Chris Gardner, #Pursuitofhappyness, #movies


  1. Oh I love this so much. You’ve expressed this topic so in depth.

    • Hi Kally, I hope you and your family are all well and being safe. I thank you, for your comment. It means a lot to me coming from you. Stay well and blessed!

      • Stay well and take care too, Cheryl.

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