Choosing Wisely

Sometimes we can get so stuck or codependent on a relationship, a habit or just a belief pattern about ourselves. That we can’t see what beauty lies within the forest due to all the trees blocking our view.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. Life is too short to constantly go in circles with those people or things that bring no progression or joy in your life.

Are the relationships you’re in today helping to build you up, or are they weighing you down? There are many things in life that do nothing but take away from who we are; yet we continue to indulge ourselves in them because although we may want to change those things, we also fear the change.

As people, it is our nature to try and stay committed to habits, people, and other patterns in our lives that do nothing to help us grow and do nothing to help bring any form of happiness in our lives. Although it is only you who can make you happy, we do want to be able to share our happiness with another.

Sometimes what is best for our lives is to simply get away from the things in our lives that do nothing to benefit us, and only act as parasites taking away from who we are and putting nothing back inside of us of nutritional value. If you are not being encouraged, inspired or asked about what interest you, then what’s the point?

There are things that do take a lot away from your life, but at the same time they help to build your character, so be sure not to give up on things of this nature, just be sure to use your intelligence, use your intuition, and choose wisely.

Photo by:Tiago-felipe-ferreira/, #selfrespect, #selfworth, #intuition

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