“If you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.” – Marcus Garvey

All our lives we hear about self-confidence. We may ask ourselves, “Do I have it? Can I get some?” Yet, self-confidence, is not something either you’re born with or you’re just plain out of luck. It can and should be developed. Also know that self-confidence does not spread within all areas of a person, either. For example: A seemly self-confident beauty queen has a tantrum after not winning a pageant. A salesman crumbles after losing a big sale.

The bottom line is no one or nothing can cause you to not have self-confidence. That is something you have placed within yourself, by believing in yourself no matter what happens in life or what anyone says to or about you. If something in life doesn’t go as you may have planned for it to go, don’t fret over it, just pick up the pieces and move forward. Life is all about lessons which are placed in our way to help us grow.

We all have our unique talents and qualities. Making use of them is vital so that we can reinforce our sense of self-worth and carry it over into those other less-sure areas of our lives.

Whenever you feel down about something that may not have gone the way you liked it to have, and you start to feel your self-confidence is failing, just remember a time when someone told you, you couldn’t accomplish something- and you proved him/her wrong.

Photo by: Alena Jarrett/, #self-confidence, #self-worth, #Eric V. Copage

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