“When I was doing my talk show in Baltimore, I used to watch Donahue to figure out how to do it. That’s the truth. I stopped…because I found myself saying, “Is the caller there?”- and repeating things just the way he did.” – Oprah Winfrey

As we try and develop our own style, it can be very useful to study those we admire in our field. Learning all we can about a role model’s career path can give us insight into what we may need to do to accomplish our goals.

Using myself as an example, I love writing, and one of my favorite writers is J. California Cooper. What I admire about her is her ability to tell a great story. For me, reading her work is like sitting on the porch with a great aunt or grandmother as she tells great life stories, which all come with great lessons at the end of them.

As you can see from Oprah’s above quote about her studying Donahue, who was a big talk show host back-in-the-day. Where her form of studies got so intense that she realized she was repeating things the way he did, which wouldn’t work within her platform.

What we should be looking for when we study our role models, etc., are techniques that we can adapt to suit our own strengths and abilities. No one should strive to become a carbon copy of someone else, because by doing so we can lose the best part of ourselves that way. However, we must acknowledge that we can learn and benefit from the example of others yet bring our own personal stamp to whatever we are trying to accomplish.

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