“If I walked a perfect line, there’d be people who said I was too perfect…There will always be naysayers, but I won’t give them free rent in my head.” – Carl Lewis

Many times there are people in our lives who cannot be pleased. Whatever we do is wrong. Whatever we say can be considered arguable or offensive. When we get on this difficult track with someone close to us, we’ve got a problem.

It takes a strong mind to be able to keep out all the negative voices. It is enough that we are, throughout our lives, doubted, criticized, and challenged. We must protect ourselves against the voices that would pull us down or mislead us. However, when we fill our minds with positive thoughts, we leave no room for the ones that can hurt us.

Take time each day to remember at least one good thing that happened to you, or something you did that gave you pleasure or satisfaction.

Don’t allow anyone free rent in your head.

Photo by: Amanda Jones, #goodvibesonly, #staypositive, #thinkpositive, #positivity, #Eric V. Copage

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