The 9 Apps You Should Have Every Time You Travel


Travel season is in full swing, which means, for many, it’s time to request time off, set your out-of-office automatic response, and jet away to a dreamy destination. For a seamless vacation, plan ahead and download a few of the best travel apps to help you get the most from your journey and enjoy every minute of your trip.

A quick search in the app store will reveal tools that can alert you of flight delays and cancellations, advise you about local weather, help you map a route in a foreign city, show you how to discover under-the-radar eateries and bars, and so much more. Don’t plan your next trip without consulting this list of the best travel apps around.


For those who like to be prepared for anything and everything when traveling, FlightAware provides real-time updates on flight arrivals and departures. It will even show you when a plane is taxiing. This comes in handy when picking someone up from the airport or trying to catch a connecting flight. Download this travel app now to stay up to date on all the flight information you need.

Dark Sky

It’s never fun to arrive in a city and realize you’ve packed inappropriately for the weather. Dark Sky gives you hyper-local weather, radar, and storm alerts that will save you from any packing slip-ups. Using GPS, the app can create forecasts for your precise location or future locations and give you down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining. You can even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, wind, precipitation, and more. It also might be the world’s chicest weather app.

City Maps 2Go

Traveling internationally? If you’re looking to avoid international data and roaming charges while you’re outside of your native borders but don’t want to lug around a heavy paper guidebook or cumbersome map, City Maps 2Go is for you. One of the best travel apps you can find, this tool lets you save comprehensive, detailed street maps of whatever city you’re visiting—which you can both bookmark and annotate—and gives you guides and destination suggestions, all without an internet connection. Genius.


Traveling is all about making discoveries, but given all the costs that go into a trip, you can easily end up feeling slighted if you wind up spending all your time in a tourist trap or blowing a day’s work in a lackluster restaurant. A new app in private beta, Spot is here to change that, helping users find “the best places in the world.” The app delivers smart and personalized recommendations for restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels based on experts. Get excited about a trip you won’t stop raving about.


If your worst fear when traveling is missing an announcement about a gate change or flight delay, you need this app. TripCase acts as your trip manager, delivering timely notification concerning last-minute updates, as well as information you’ll want before boarding, like travel time, plane type, and airport maps. You can also keep track of hotel bookings and car rentals through the app and even order an Uber to pick you up when you land, all in the same place.

Off the Menu

Let’s be honest: Half the fun of traveling is eating, isn’t it? It’s also pretty great when you can get a local, insider’s experience. That’s why we love Off the Menu, which unveils a list of secret menu items at restaurants, bars, and cafés in 16 cities across the U.S. and Canada. It covers everything from fast-food spots like In-N-Out to fine dining establishments like Spago, making it one of the best travel apps for avid foodies. We’re all about earning some local cred fast.


You can burn out really fast on walking around (and eating and drinking) while you travel. Spice things up and book yourself an activity the next time you leave home. Peek is your one-stop shop to discover great activities while you travel. You can search by categories like Off the Beaten Path, What to Do With Kids, Walking Tours, and more, as well as drill down by neighborhoods or points of interest like Eiffel Tower or Chinatown. The app offers activities in 17 major U.S. regions, as well as Cabo, Cancún, London, and Paris.

Mobile Passport

An international traveler’s dream, the Mobile Passport app lets you breeze through U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 25 airports and one cruise port. Simply fill out your flight information on your phone when you land and answer the usual customs questions, and you’ll be allowed to stand in a special line that will help you speed through the pesky process.

Hotel Tonight

If you’re one for spontaneous trips, you’ll want to download Hotel Tonight before your next vacation (or on the way to the airport after you make a spur-of-the-moment decision to jet off to the next country on your bucket list). The app offers a variety of hotel accommodations to fit your price range and additional needs, which you can note directly in the app. You’ll be able to book last-minute and enjoy your next adventure.

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The Unknown


There are a lot of people that will do everything in their power to avoid admitting I don’t know! It could be because when you do admit I don’t know, some people respond as if you are crazy! Adamantly they want to know what do you mean you don’t know? Contrary to popular belief, when you don’t know and can admit it, you could be in line for a great healing or magnificent blessing! Very few know-it-alls are blessed with new insights or information. When you are willing to acknowledge that you don’t know, you open yourself to all sorts of information and assistance from life. Not knowing may send you on a search. It may open your mind and your eyes to things you have never even thought of before. The things you discover in your search may bless you at some later date, or the search may heal some long-held fear. What a blessing!

An admission of not knowing is a sign of great faith and trust. It means trusting that even when you don’t know, you know that when you need to know, you will know! An admission of not knowing is an act of great humility that leads to the healing of the ego. It is the ego that fosters and internal sense of inadequacy. When you feel or believe you are in some way inadequate, it will always feel as if you have something to prove. Admitting that you don’t know is a very loving way to acknowledge that you are absolutely fine with whom you are and that you are not afraid to admit it. What else do you need to know?

Until now, you may have believed that it was your duty and responsibility to know everything. Let today be the day you be open and willing to admit what you don’t know. Open yourself to receive new information from expected and unexpected sources. Step into the Unknown.

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Every day most of us are on the run. We barely take time to stop and regroup by giving our minds and bodies the rest that is needed. We’re commuting back and forth, attending multiple meetings, working overtime, making sure our children tend to their studies, driving the little ones to and from their activities, running errands, cooking dinner, cleaning, gardening, yard work, meeting up with friends, etc.  Our minds and bodies can only take so much before they start to weaken. 


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Where’s My Package?


Amazon Fulfillment Center Workers Plan Prime Day Strike

Workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Minnesota are planning to rain on the company’s Prime Day parade, organizing a walk-off to call attention to working conditions, employee status and pay, according to a report in Bloomberg.

The workers plan to stage two three-hour walk-offs on different shifts next Monday, July 15, the first day of the two-day Prime Day sales extravaganza. The Amazon facility in Shakopee, MN outside Minneapolis is one of about 100 distribution, fulfillment and sortation centers the company operates in the U.S.

“Amazon is going to be telling one story about itself, which is they can ship a Kindle to your house in one day, isn’t that wonderful,” William Stolz, one of the strike organizers, told Bloomberg. “We want to take the opportunity to talk about what it takes to make that work happen and put pressure on Amazon to protect us and provide safe, reliable jobs.”

Amazon workers in Europe have struck before around Prime Day and Black Friday to put pressure on the company, but there has been relative labor peace here. Contract pilots flying for Amazon Air, its growing air freight division, have staged strikes protesting their pay scale, and there was a three-hour walk-off in March at the Shakopee facility.

An Amazon spokesperson told Bloomberg the company provides competitive hourly rates ranging from $16.25 to $20.80 with benefits, while offering tours of the facility to check out the working conditions there.

Last year Amazon instituted a $15 minimum wage in response to various criticisms. It has been weathering attacks from Democratic politicians about working conditions, benefits and pay, including from presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and firebrand U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

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Life’s Many Lessons


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Happy 4th Of July!

4th of july

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Let’s Go Back…Waay Back

family dinners

I know this is going to start out sounding like some episode from the movie “Soul Food”, but believe me, this is what really happened among our family every Sunday.

We would all gather at Bigma’s house every Sunday. Bigma was a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a foster mother. And every Sunday all of the aunts, uncles, cousins would gather to her house for Sunday dinner together. It was sort of mandatory. Some of us would come right after church service, or work if they worked the weekend. But no matter what everyone knew to be there at a certain time if you wanted to eat or you’ll find yourself licking the pots.

It was a great day and the one day of the week I would always cherish. Now I’m not saying at times there wasn’t any drama, because there was, but when you have that many people together in one location there is bound to be some hiccups within the day. But I think I can speak for everyone and say we all enjoyed every moment. It wasn’t just the food we enjoyed although that was always on point, we enjoyed our time together as a family. We were able to catch up on everyone and what was going on in our lives rather good or bad. It made us appreciate each other much more, or I like to believe it did.

I think now more than ever we need to start reconnecting with our families and we can start by going back to those times when we ate dinner together as a family. I enjoyed those Sunday dinners so much that I implemented it into my own family and my children and I have dinner together once a week and because everyone is busy with their own life it is usually on the weekend either a Saturday or Sunday and I love it. It allows us time to connect as a family and to catch up with one another just like it did back in the day. Just like clothing trends come back in style why not go back…waay back and make family dinners or gatherings a returning trend and bring that back in style once again.

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Getting Down and Dirty

How to Mulch a Garden Bed

I am a big DIY person, I love challenging myself by saving money when I can, I also don’t mind getting down and dirty. One of my favorite DIY Youtube channels to watch is “This Old House”. 

Planting is more than throwing mulch down and walking away, there is an art to it. This video explains how to mulch correctly without ruining your home and your plants so that your yard can have that lovely curb appeal you want this summer.  

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It’s Official, Summer’s Here Y’all

summer time4

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Happy Thursday


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