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It’s Monday But We’re Gonna Have A Good Day!

I know it’s Monday, the day that most of us dislike. But we gonna get by today, save the drama for another day  and have a good day today! Let’s get in the mood for a good day!

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5 Things You Need to Remind Yourself of When You Wake Up

Each morning is a brand new opportunity. What you do today is what matters most. Today is another chance to get it right. It’s true we don’t always love everything about our lives, but if we are honest with ourselves deep down we do love and appreciate the magic of life itself. Some part of …

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People don’t change because you want them to

Why is it when we get into a relationship we are always trying to change the other person. You be looking for the changes and never see them coming. That is a sign that you need to stop looking for them to change. You are with the person you are with because you choose them. …

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