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We Need a Resolution

Because we are imperfect people, we may find ourselves in some form of conflict almost every day of our lives. We have weaknesses in us that others see clearly but we’ve never seen or noticed about ourselves. We have weaknesses that we are totally clueless about. That is why we need to come to conflict …

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Big Doors, Big Blessings!

While watching the cooking show “Chopped” on the cooking channel the other evening. One of the contestants that lost earlier in the round had confidently stated he was a Christian and he had faith that God was going to get him to the winner spot. He must have stated he was a Christian a zillion …

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Facing the Truth

In life when we want to feel relief or be released from our hurts, habits and hang-ups in life, we are going to have to deal with our fear of being honest. There are three types of fears that keep you in a rut and they cause you to be afraid to face the truth. …

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