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Is Your Plate Overflowing?

Hey there, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving especially because I get to share my gratitude for the year. Do I dare leave out all the wonderful smells of the various types of foods being prepared? I think not. The Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, veggies and tons of …

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The Self Absorbing One Day Challenge

I have a simple, but risky proposition for you that I hope you take to heart and do the challenge. You must let others such as family and friends know when you are about to take on the challenge, so that there are no distractions from the challenge. The challenge will take only one whole …

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PURIFY your life // A minimalist guide

Taking time for oneself is a constant battle. you may have a full time job, or two, a marriage, children, a busy social calendar, etc. whatever the case may be, I’ve realized that taking time for myself is crucial to my peace of mind, happiness and creativity. But the challenges of rearranging your days to …

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