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7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Less Than $40

I don’t know about you but my house is looking a little rough around the edges after a long winter. I’ll be trying some of these low-cost ways to make a fresh start where needed. Maybe you can also use some of these low-cost items to brighten up your humble abode. All of these items …

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8 Holiday Cleaning Hacks

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas following close behind, here are 8 cleaning hacks to prepare your home for the holidays. Wipe down your cabinets. Use a household cleaner and a rag to remove any stains or grease on your cabinets. Murphy’s Oil Soap is a great cleaner that works for any material or …

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15 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

1. Clean mirrors: Using rubbing alcohol as a mirror cleaner is great for its quick evaporation. 2. Clean dry erase boards: Rubbing alcohol cuts through all the marker buildup on your whiteboard. Pour a little on a paper towel and wipe. 3. Natural degreaser: Along with being a great disinfectant, rubbing alcohol is tough on …

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